Midnight in the Eternal Soul Garden
Knowing the Tao,
The being and the non-being,
The water and wind,
The yin, the yong;
This is everything and
Nothing at all.

When I close my eyes to meditate I can go to my calm place,
Only that is being…

Once I am there, I easily slip into non-being
Where I cease to be,
Where time does not pass
And interruption is only the next moment
When I am being again…
Like a bit of bark on the surface of a vast pond
I bob and dip between
Being and non-being,
Spanning consciousness and sub-consciousness
Experiencing each in a similar way
I dip and bob through successively
Higher and lower levels of consciousness.

As I rise, I meet the ego
On the threshold of self;
As I submerge, I seek antithesis
Encountering my deepest attachments…
Too often getting tangled in the strings.