about Volpane In Love

My husband Bruce introduces me like this:

"He was made in Japan with parts assembled in California."

Five years before I was born, my father was stationed in Japan by the US Navy. I arrived soon after he retired and my parents, with my two older brothers, returned to California. But I grew up in Northern Idaho where I found myself with a lot of unsupervised time. You might think it was something of a cultural wasteland, but I found, far from that, Music, Fine Art, Theater, Dance and Literature were all practiced in the community to some extent.

It was a good childhood despite developing a typical angst from growing up a gay man within a convert Mormon family. My parents did their best to give me strong values; they could only do better than their own parents, after all. Still they raised four kids who managed to grow up and are making their lives as they see fit.

I came out in college. Since then I've devoted my life to my love of books, art and the publishing medium.

I live in the Pacific Northwest with my husband. We have a dog.

I started Volpane in Love back in 1999 when first learning to code HTML. A lot has changed since then, but even before I began publishing online I self-published several times. In the Mid-nineteen Nineties, I published two issues of Gae-raj, an anthology-style "Queer art zine". It was written up in Queer Zine Explosion #12, back in 1995 and Larry-Bob gave it a favorable review,

"...it's not a solid block of text like some zines, but draws you in visually."

I've continued to self-publish visual chapbooks of poetry and graphic anthologies of short stories created with other writers using round- robin story method. You may purchase my poetry chapbook on my poetry page. Unfortunately other publications are out-of-print indefinitely.

Volpane in Love is my Internet zine/blog, although this website primarily sorts and links to all my various creative projects. You will find here links to several Social Media accounts, Image collections and Marketing shops, poetry, short stories and essays. I have also designed web graphics for my friends at Pistilbooks.net.

Oddly perhaps, I am often contacted by people from the Philippines asking where I came by "Volpane in Love" as a name for my webpage and if I am connected in some way to their family. This is a smash-up of two literary references, namely the English 1605 Ben Jonson play whose title character is "Volpone, or 'the Fox'" and the French novella "Swann in Love", a section from "In Search of Lost Time" by Marcel Proust. I figured "Volpane" to be a suitable anglicized version of the Italian word for "fox", only to discover over the years that it is a Spanish iteration which became a family name, of which several members reside in the Philippines and can trace their roots back to when Spain colonized the islands. And indeed, I have no direct family connection.